“Foam Technology offers two separate Service Divisions, one servicing Foam Systems and one for Service of Safety Related Items They are each described as follows:”


Foam Technology, Inc. maintains a qualified service staff to provide a wide array of services for new foam systems as well as scheduled maintenance and repair for current systems.

Foam testing is done to verify that new and existing foam systems perform to original design criteria. We work to provide testing and maintenance with minimal disruption to the operating schedules of our clients. Our test procedures reduce foam liquid used in testing to minimize your costs, clean-up and down-time.

Foam fire fighting systems are specialized and require service to be performed by authorized, factory-trained technicians.

Scheduled Maintenance:
Foam systems minimize loss from a flammable liquid fire or chemical release. Inspections and maintenance must be performed on a regular basis to insure optimum system operation.

National Fire Protection Association publication NFPA 11, Standard for Low Expansion Foam, 1998 Edition Chapter 8 recommends inspections and tests be conducted annually and defines the testing and maintenance of:
Foam Producing Equipment
Fixed Discharge Outlets
Foam Concentrate
Operating Instructions

Inspection and testing of foam systems is defined in Chapters 10 & 11 of NFPA Standard #11 2005 Edition. Chapter 11-1 Periodic Inspection states that all foam systems shall be thoroughly inspected and checked for proper operation at least annually. The goal of the test and inspection shall be to ensure that the system is in full operating condition and that it remains in that condition until the next inspection. Inspection reports shall be filed with the owner. Regular service contracts are recommended.

Our service technicians are qualified to:
Inspect, test and repair on-site and mobile foam systems
Draw and test foam concentrate samples
Flow test hydrants and pumps
Run preliminary and final acceptance tests for foam systems
Conduct on-site foam fire fighting seminars

Our service technicians also provide a wide array of
foam-related services:

New system "start-up"
Emergency service and repair
Foam fire truck testing
Pump recertification
Foam system test & service
Site-specific training classes
On/off site foam schools
Training videos
Operational videos
Foam chamber inspections
Hydrostatic testing of foam
System piping
Fire pump testing - NFPA 25

Foam Truck Service:
Foam pumper trucks are foam systems on wheels. Maintenance of these trucks is often more complex than maintenance of fixed foam systems.

NFPA 1910 and 1911 address the special requirements of these sophisticated vehicles as needing routine maintenance on: power trains, engine and transmission, water pump, and foam system components.

Foam Technology recognizes the importance of having a foam truck’s foam system and water pump in prime condition to fight a fire when the need arises. Each vehicle requires service by trained technicians. Our representatives are factory trained in the service and maintenance of foam systems and water pumps. They also have years of field experience that allow them to analyze problems and make necessary repairs.



For the past ten years, Foam Technology, Inc. has been exclusively in the foam business. We design, sell and service foam systems used for fighting flammable liquid fires.

In November 2002, we expanded our base by offering a new service department to inspect and test Fire and Safety Equipment.

Fire and safety systems are specialized and designed to ensure the protection of both life and property. We believe that only trained personnel should service these systems. We now offer inspection, testing and maintenance of the following:
Sprinkler systems
Fire Extinguishers
Fire Hoses
Fire pumps
Fire blankets
Standpipe systems
Emergency/exit lighting
Fire hydrants
Foam truck testing
Emergency wash stations
Fire department
connections Fire alarm systems

Our inspections comply with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, state and local code requirements and manufacturer’s design criteria.

Detailed service reports are provided, summarizing test results, inspection findings and recommendations. These reports will not only provide a permanent record of your inspections, but will also allow you to keep management, insurance companies and fire officials informed, thereby preventing costly non-compliant fines.

The Fire and Safety Division of Foam Technology is committed to providing customers with the same high quality workmanship that we offer in our other divisions.