Foam Technology, Inc. offers a full spectrum of foam products including: foam concentrates, foam proportioning systems, foam chambers, foam fire fighting equipment, monitors, nozzles, foam pumpers, aerials and tankers.

Other brands associated with our product line include: Powhatan, Flexline Hose, Angus Foam, Hose and Hardware Equipment, and Wirt Knox, which offers a range of hose racks, reels, carts and general hose storage accessories.

Below is a listing of products offered by Foam Technology, Inc.

Foam Concentrates
Aqueous Film Forming Foams (AFFF)
Alcohol Resistant Aqueous Film Forming Foams (AR-AFFF)
Alcohol Resistant Film Forming Fluoroprotein Foams (AR-FFFP)
Film Forming Fluoroprotein Foams (FFFP)
Fluoroprotein Foams
Protein Foams
Coast Guard Approved
Mil Spec Foams
Class A Foams
High Expansion Foams
Long Duration Foams
Vapor Suppression Foams
Cold Foams
Wetting Agents
Test Foams
Training Foams

Fixed Foam Systems
Line Proportioner Systems
Pressure Proportioner Systems
Bladder Tank Systems
Skid-Mounted Balanced Pressure Systems
In-Line Balanced Pressure Systems
Catenary Systems
Tank Seal Protection Systems
Foam-Water Sprinkler Systems
Foam Monitor Systems
Foam-Water Hose Stations

Foam System Components
Ratio Controllers
Atmospheric Storage Tanks
Mini-Proportioner Systems
Fixed Monitors
Water-Powered Oscillating Monitors
Monitor Mounted Nozzles
Foam Chambers
High Back Pressure Foam Makers
Tank Seal Fire Protection Devices
Foam-Water Sprinklers & Nozzles
Explosion-Proof Break Glass Stations
Water Powered Ball Valves
Low & Medium Expansion Nozzles
High Expansion Generators
Fixed Foam Eductors & Cannons

Portable Foam Equipment
Foam Nozzles
Dual Agent Nozzles
Around-the-Pump Foam Eductors
Foam Eductors
Foam Cannons
Mobile Foam Carts

Mobile Equipment
Servo Command & Foam Trucks
Around-The-Pump Foam Proportioning Kits
Foam Trailers and Platforms
High-Capacity Foam Monitors
High-Capacity Water Pumps
Flexible Pipeline (NSF)

Fire & Industrial Hose
1" through 12" Sizes
Nitrile Rubber Construction
Polyurethane Construction
Nylon Jacketed Hoses
Polyester Jacketed Hoses
Cotton Jacketed Hoses
Aggressive Interior Attack Hoses
Forestry Hoses
Municipal Hoses
Industrial Hoses
Large Diameter Supply Hoses

Flexible Pipeline
NSF Approved Products
1" through 12" Sizes
Super Aquaduct

Water Distribution Hardware
Coupling & Adapters
Two, Three & Four Way Siamese & Wye
Gated Distribution Valves
Piston Intake Valves
Gated Incoming Relief Valves
Elbow & Straight Gate Valves
Wrenches & Accessories
Hose Reels

Fire Protection Sprinklers & Valves
Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) Sprinklers
Standard Response Sprinklers
Quick Response Sprinklers
Residential Sprinklers
Extended Coverage Horizontal Sidewall Sprinklers
Concealed Sprinklers
Extra Large Orifice (ELO) Sprinklers
Extended Coverage Ordinary Hazard (ECOH) Sprinklers
"Auto Spray" Nozzles
Cooling Tower Nozzles
Foam-Water Sprinklers & Nozzles
Alarm Valves
Dry Pipe Valves
Deluge Valves
Pre-Action Valves
Retarding Chambers
Trim Packages
Electric Alarm Devices
Control Panels & Accessories
Heat Detectors
Flow Control Valves
Manual Pull Stations

Airport Crash Rescue Equipment
Crash Truck Manual Roof Turrets
Crash Truck Electric Roof Turrets
Crash Truck Bumper Turrets

Fire Protection Equipment
Industrial and Municipal Water Nozzles
Adapters, Reducers, Nipples & Bushings
Exposed Fire Department Connections
Standpipe Connections
Angle Valves
Wall Hydrants
Water Monitors
Pressure Reducing Control Valves
Roof Manifolds
Hose Racks & Reels
Standpipe Gate Valves
Pressure Restricting Valves
Concealed Fire Department Connections

Fire Extinguishers
ABC Dry Chemical
BC Dry Chemical
Purple K Dry Chemical
Class D Dry Chemical
Carbon Dioxide
Wet Chemical
Halotron 1